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First Finnish five-star nature resort looking for investors – A small Finnish town on the Russian border is rapidly developing tourist attractions

Located on the East Coast of Finland, on the Russian border, the Hurppu Horizon Centre is looking for investors and hotel operators. The planned Hurppu Horizon Centre will be in the municipality of Virolahti, 14 kilometers from the E18 motorway, which connects the cities of Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Virolahti acts as one of the busiest border crossing points between Finland and Russia. The area is rapidly developing as the Zsar Outlet Village with luxury brand stores was open in Virolahti late 2018, making it the first Outlet centre in Finland.

The 92-hectare area master plan for Hurppu includes a 60-room spa hotel, luxury villas, forest hotel, glamping, restaurant and conference facilities. With its 600 metres of shoreline, the concept also includes a marina.

The area is known for its unique nature. Arktika – the mass migration of arctic birds – brings thousands of European birdwatchers to the area every spring as Virolahti is one of the rare points where the flocks come onshore. The archipelago of Virolahti is also a part of Gulf of Finland National Park.

Hurppu has an interesting history as the Russian Emperor Nikolai II together with his family used to spend their summer holidays in Hurppu from 1906 to 1914. The Emperor also had an amusement park built in Hurppu.

A unique paradise in the middle of untouched nature.

The project is managed by Vadim Kasarnovski. “My dream is to offer five-star tourism experiences in the arms of an unbridled nature”, says Vadim who moved to Finland in the early 1990s. “After years of running the helicopter company and providing exclusive service packages for businessmen and world stars, I know what luxury travelers value and want”.

Located approximately a two-hour drive from the Helsinki metropolitan area and the three-hour drive from St. Petersburg, the area has the catchment of about 8.5 million people. These naturally form the largest market potential in the neighborhood.

The Hurppu Horizon Centre is set to attract customers seeking genuine nature and experiences gained through nature as well as appreciating high-quality services. “Zsar Outlet Village luxury brand stores and shopping centre in Vaalimaa provide excellent shopping and complementing Hurppu's services”.

Longer stays

Finland is one of the most popular foreign destinations for Russian tourists. Russians form a significant share of tourists arriving in Virolahti and the whole South East Finland. The number of tourists crossing the border to South East Finland is increasing. “Naturally, the region is a popular destination for Russian tourists. New high-quality accommodation and well-being services together with nature experiences, history and shopping facilities in the Zsar Outlet Village create a combination that makes it easy to stay”.




“Hurppu has a great potential to be something unique. The large plot itself offers opportunity for many services. The surrounding nature with age-old woods forms a perfect spot for a wellness and retreat center. The unique location gives the property great potential to be a state-of-the-art business facility like no other in Finland. Hurppu merits a new era in its fascinating history. It opens a creative challenge. With the right partners and investors, the hidden potential of this beautiful estate will be realized.”

Vadim Kasarnovski
CEO of Hurppu Horizon Centre Oy, Project Director




Intriguing point, nature objects for sightseeing, the preferable place for birdwatchers, the seaside location, vicinity to the Russian border, inspiring historical stories, wide range of services, tourism on the stable development basis – the elements of Hurppu Horizon added together create a unique profile unavailable in other places.




“The municipality of Virolahti creates the preconditions for diversified development of business activities through the history of the region, natural resources, sea and border traffic. The municipality works in partnership and actively strives to build open partnerships that benefit all parties. Municipality is also confirmed the intention to develop Hurppu and is ready to lay the utility networks needed for the business of the Hurppu Horizon Centre at its own expense.”

Veli-Matti Pulli
Head of Municipality of Virolahti




On other pages of our website you will find investor presentation, concept and other information about the Hurppu Horizon Centre.