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Invest in Finland !


We are looking for an investor and a hotel operator for the Hurppu Horizon Centre, which will be the first five-star resort in Finland.

Municipality of Virolahti has approved the plans of the development of the Hurppu Horizon Centre.

With the view to the investor approval process, the construction could start in 2018.


The proposed Hurppu Horizon Centre is an exciting new operating opportunity in Finland – a historical place, located on the coast of South-Eastern Finland in the center of Hurppu breathtaking landscape. The Russian Emperor Tsar Nikolai II used to spent time in Hurppu with his family in 1906-1914.

The object of the Hurppu Horizon Centre project is the integer long-term business-oriented development of nature, cultural and health tourism, of a luxury five-star hotel complex with SPA facilities and residential area.

Demand on luxury health tourism is increasing, the importance of ecotourism tends to grow. The popularity of birdwatching shows an increase. The luxury resort market of Finland still remains underdeveloped, there are no five-star resorts.

Given the proposed location for the hotel, its modern unique design and a wide range of places of interest and different options within the Centre are expected to benefit to the strong regional and international demand attracting numerous visitors to conferences, exhibitions and leisure sectors.

Significant are brand new target customer groups, such as birdwatchers, nature and history lovers. In return, these streams of visitors will generate higher sales of food, beverages and additional services.

In 2020 Hurppu Horizon Centre will be the most attractive nature tourists’ complex of South Finland in which history and culture contribute to the nature value. The interaction of different elements is constantly creating new opportunities for new activities. The Hurppu Horizon is an international and open for all Centre in the region of Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.



Intriguing point, nature objects for sightseeing, the preferable place for birdwatchers, the seaside location, vicinity to the Russian border, inspiring historical stories, wide range of services, tourism on the stable development basis – the elements of Hurppu Horizon Centre added together create a unique profile unavailable in other places.

On other pages of our website you will find the concept, presentation and other information about the Hurppu Horizon Centre.